Thom Browne

When it comes to proportions in menswear, Thom Browne has shifted the eye to see a new perspective of shape and design. In the past, Browne’s shows have proven to be nothing less than entertaining and on the edge of provocative. Gray is a color that has been used in every collection by Browne thus far and his Fall 2017 Womenswear RTW followed suit.

Speaking of suits- you can imagine there was plenty to go around in this collection. The trousers ranged from ankle skimming to knee high shorts paired with structured blazers featured in a variety of lengths. Rather than restricting, Browne has his own way of using uniformity to execute individuality and confidence.

One particular aspect that worked against the uniformity was the choice of fabrics. The wide range of texture broke up the suit ensembles and provided a touch of warmth. Browne developed the different fabrics used in this collection himself. Some that stood out included the shredded lace, quilted puffers, and perfectly tailored tweed looks. With keen attention to detail, the tuxedo plaid was even played up on the lips and hair of the models.

The variety of texture gave an electric feel to the overall story of the show which was inspired by penguins. The flightless bird’s icy environment was recreated with a frozen runaway in which the models took careful steps across in platform heels that resembled ice skates. Such detail and craftsmanship suggest that this show was revered with great care and consideration.



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