Rick Owens

How do we react to chaos? Rick Owens presented his bright idea in his 2017 Fall Ready to Wear show held Thursday evening in Paris. A youthful story was told that reflected the significance of embracing community and ceremony in times such as now when the dynamics of the world and politics are changing drastically.

As the show begins, the eye is naturally drawn upwards to the wildly intricate headwear. The models walked the runway wearing sleeves of a sweatshirt either masked over the face or crafted in a way to form a geometric crown.

There was an immense amount of black although the collection itself was named “Glitter” after the menswear show earlier in the season. The looks carried bits a 70s glam that could be seen as the remains of deconstruction. Rich saffron pillowing, leather dresses and loads of velvet all hung around the body creating an architecturally inspired silhouette.

Owens speaks about the concept of fashion shows in the same breath as he speaks about gathering at ceremonies to celebrate something positive. Through this collection Owens reflects a sense of finding beauty in the unknown.

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