The classic cut from Balenciaga of eliminating the waist and exaggerating the shoulders was established a new way by creative director Demna Gvasalia. We have seen in the past from founder Cristobal Balenciaga who took it to the point of adding a corset within the garment just to create this look. Today in the first looks sent down the runway we observe the same idea with the use of trench coats and puffers buttoned asymmetrically to create more volume around the neckline.

Demna has broken the ground a bit outside of commerciality and focused more on the historic reference of the house. This was especially apparent with the final gowns that reinterpreted original couture gowns from the late 50s and early 60s collections. It is an important year for Balenciaga in celebration of its 100th year and with the anticipated exhibition opening in London this May that will feature over 100 pieces of Cristobal’s innovative designs.

Only one ski jacket and no signs of a logo tee mark this collection as one of Gvasalia’s most mature to date under the new appointment. The spandex pointed toe boots that are growing quickly in popularity made a reappearance in a range of electric colors. Interesting footwear also included the Bernie Sanders logo t-shirt material stilettos paired with elegant skirts and dresses. A nod to the past mixed with Demna’s cool factor and there you have it- Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2017.


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