At the turn of the century, Donatella Versace’s brave intuition led her to take over the company of her fallen brother and turn it into one of the most iconic brands of the early 2000’s. With a niche for fostering new talent into the business, designers such as Christopher Kane and JW Anderson, have embraced her mentorship and found a voice in the fashion industry. It is Donatella’s personal style that influences her to create looks that are sexy, compassionate and powerful.

Punk inspirited models strutted down the runway in the 80s inspired wide shoulder coats and miniskirts exposing bare legs. Similar to last season, there seemed to be a generous nod to athleticism. Unlike the spring collection, however, the clothes were very black with only streaks of color that matched the streaks in the model’s hair.

The show felt very trendy. There were plenty of slogans, which doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon in fashion.  If the message wasn’t clear enough printed on the scarves, t-shirts, and beanies, onlookers couldn’t help but be drawn in sonically as “EQUALITY” was repeated consistently throughout the show.

The Versace Fall 2017 Collection as a whole was cohesively well done. The modish activist can add a wide range of well-tailored pant suits, structured cropped jackets, and fitted pencil skirts to her wardrobe.

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