The Row

As cognoscenti in the world of fashion, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have redefined what being a luxury brand could and should be. Since their line was established in 2006, the twins have always focused on creating clothes in plush fabrics that are timeless and well-made.

Despite the morsel touch of red, the color palette for this Fall Ready to Wear collection was restrained to the basic black, white, tan and cream.The monochromatic scheme allows for the pieces to serve as strong staples for an easy transition into the cool season.

Refined and modern tailoring made the head to toe looks easy and wearable. A label whose name is dubbed from London’s Saville Row doesn’t have much a choice but to make clothes that are perfectly tailored to the body. So simple, you don’t even have to wear heels to complete the look. How’s that for easy? Instead, looks that featured the fluid trousers were paired with a flat lace up boot, reminiscent of the classic Dr. Martens.

A belted duster-length coat with trousers is the single look that embarked the overall chic aesthetic of the show. Taking the core of luxury to heart,  The Row pieces it will always be cherished for the fabric and the fit.

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