Marc Jacobs

A true New Yorker, born and raised in the concrete jungle, Marc Jacobs pulls inspiration from the roots. We’re not talking the first natives who fished and farmed down at the Hudson River – we’re talking about the birth of a new culture whose influences can be seen in art music and style. This cultural movement is known as Hip Hop.

Last season, Jacobs show was set similar to a rave with bright lights, a grease-slicked stage and colorful dreadlocks parading down the runway. It was quite the opposite Thursday afternoon as the Park Avenue Armoury was stripped down to just the bare essentials. The models walked across the hardware floors and out the front doors that led them to metal fold out chairs along the sideways of the busy New York streets.

Being out on the streets gave the clothes their true essence as Jacobs sighted after the show, “It is an acknowledgment and gesture of my respect for the polish and consideration applied to fashion from a generation that will forever be the foundation of youth culture street style.”

The foundation of the collection was the fur trim on every style coat and the b-boy inspired track pants. From there the looks were structured with stacked platform boots and topped off with a hat. The gold chains (another ode to hip hop) gave each look a pinch of funk and a dose of attitude.

The retro brown color palette used was everything but muted. The texture on the swing coats atop the tiny dresses were made chic with the use of sheer pantyhose- a look we are bound to see this fall/winter season. Real clothes on real people was the final perception of the show as models took pictures of the guest walking out onto the street who in turn snapped photos of them with their own cameras.


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