Ralph Lauren

It is an immeasurable honor when a designer dresses the First Lady of our country on Inauguration Day. Usually, that designer is further recognized on a global level that then leads the company down a favorable path. Months before the official inauguration, many fashion designers were publically outspoken about their choice not to dress the incoming First Lady as their personal and professional values did not directly align with Trump’s values. So when Melania Trump walked closely behind her husband last month wearing a one of a kind powder blue Ralph Lauren dress, it was no surprise that the hashtag, #BoycottRalphLauren began streaming on all social media platforms.

This choice by the 77-year-old fashion legend does not reflect his political stance but it does speak volumes to the brand identity. Lauren has built his entire empire on the idea of the American dream. A New York lifestyle fashion brand painted the picture for the family that now represents the country and their values at a time when everyone is watching.

Lauren’s Spring 2017 Runway to Retail Collection was the first see now buy now collection for the brand. The walls his women’s flagship store on Madison Avenue are currently lined with flowers and butterflies that will remain until Monday for women to shop the looks immediately following the show. This new promptness approach to the clothing made the pieces feel very commercial with a mainstream appeal.

There was a sweet medley of evening and day wear that both reflected Lauren’s signature subtle sensuality. The consistency of volume and drapery in the gowns appealed to its loyal customer who lives for luxury and timeless pieces. Radical or conceptual ideas were not the focus of this show but a well-deserved round of applause wrapped up the appreciation for his designs that span to culture, race, age, and gender.



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