Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the self-proclaimed “girl’s girl” and this season she took the needs of real women into her own hands. Not only did the pieces of her Fall 2017 Ready to Wear collection speak to us on the runway but they are also wearable on a professional and everyday basis.

Beckham has come a long way from her days of touring with the Spice girls and amping up the crowd with her music and sex appeal. Today, the reality of her clothes are far from showgirl and more so about the authenticity of luxury clothing that makes women feel empowered and secure.

The proper mixture of tailoring and fluidity allows the women who wear this collection to feel a sense of strength and feminity. The traditional asymmetrical silhouette that we are accustomed to seeing from Victoria Beckham was balanced out between the delicate chiffon skirts and form fitting dresses.

Inspiration was pulled from surrealist painter Paul Nash. Nash’s war paintings are of the most superlative of his work that not only reflected the hardships of the men but the urgency for women to find a place in the workplace during a time of war. As a busy mother of four, Beckham makes clothes that she would essentially feel most confident in whether she is traveling or at work.


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