Christian Siriano

A true celebration of women was the substance of Christian Siriano’s Fall 2017 Ready to Wear presentation. Siriano is one of the few designers, who some may call a trailblazer, for embracing diversity on the runway. At this time in history, it is refreshing to see consolidation of a variety of shapes and cultures in fashion.

The models added to the story of the collection that reflected on the earth’s natural sentiments. Acres of brilliant scarlet sandstone from Nevada’s Valley Fire State Park was the inspiration behind the looks. The different grooves in rock formation and ripples of the sand influenced Siriano’s choice in fabrics of silk and velvet.

Right away from the very first look, worn my supermodel Alek Wek, we could see the color scheme with the polychromatic fur coat that displayed an array of earthy tones of copper and beige. 70’s girl fans would have no problem finding a defining look with this collection from the widely flared pants to the ruffles and feathers.

Siriano is known for his designs appearing on many influential women and icons such as Michelle Obama. When asked backstage if he would dress Melania Trump, he refused saying, “I can not support anything coming from the White House at this time.”

His current message to all is that “People are People” as it appeared on the runway with a printed black tee paired with a pink silk skirt. The t-shirt was available immediately after the show and all proceeds were donated to ACLU in efforts to defend individual rights and liberties.

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