Nicholas K

Rich in New York City history, Christopher and Nicholas Kunz for Nicholas K presented their Fall Ready-to-Wear 2017 collection in the Skylight at MoynihanStation. There’s no doubt, “Are you ready for a revolution?” is still ringing in the ears of all who were in attendance of the show.

The sibling duo was heavily influenced by hip-hop culture in creating this collection. So much so, that in between looks a soulful MC would pace across the runaway and rock the mic to the rap lyrics that set the tone of the show. The first look featured a model parading down the runway in a fiery gold, fur lined coat rightfully coordinated with the matching skirt and titled beret- and that was just a taste of the furthermore fierce looks to come.

The color scheme of burning red and gold gave a warrior-like aesthetic.The silhouettes were layered to perfection with dramatic trench coats and cut-outs. The abundance of velvet pieces which can sometimes be rather restricting had a certain lightness that was balanced out with the bold metallic booties and hardware accessories.

The berets worn with each look are historic accents that started off as a simple accessory worn by peasants in Europe and was later transformed into a political-military staple in World War 2. These flat-crowned wool hats were later resurrected and popularized by Black Panther Party in the mid-1970s. With the Panther movement as its influence, the handwriting of the collection as a whole spoke levels to attitude and power.

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