Sonia Rykiel

It’s been a long time since Sonia Rykiel opened her first boutique in Paris on Rue de Grenelle. Since August of last year, the self-titled fashion house mourns her death but also continues to celebrate her legacy. In the beginning, the brand was built solely on the notion of Sonia struggling to establish a stylish wardrobe during her pregnancy. Since then, the house has expanded into a multi-million dollar fashion corporation.

Julie de Libran’s pre-fall collection breathed the spirit of the fallen pioneer of fashion. As artistic director since 2014, she has continued to hold true to the core DNA of Sonia with classic knitwear pieces. The trademark garments were made fit for the cool season with rich velvet fabrics, shearling vest and fox-fur accessories to complete the look.

High collars framed the angelic faces of the models and created an elegant covered silhouette . The only skin that rendered any attention was below the hem of mid-calf skirts and dresses. Sharp buttons and colorful tassels made many appearances in the collection adding a touch of lightness to the intimate ensembles.

De Libran understands that one a critical key to good clothes is functionality. This pre-fall presentation gave the luxury of versatile pieces that will allow the independent women to work comfortably in style.

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