Christopher Kane

If you ever heard of a designer drawing inspiration from a psychiatric clinic,  you may envision a collection that is dark and rather eerie. This is quite the opposite for Christopher Kane whose influence came from the Gugging clinic in Vienna, Austria. This notable institution has offered therapeutic alleviation through the arts of drawing, painting, crafts and writing.

The peaceful and poetic atmosphere took shape in the clothing of Kane’s colorful Pre-Fall collection for 2017. A joyous tone was curated in the vibrant hues of canary yellow and tangerine orange. Last season, Kane featured a particular flower that was duplicated and printed numerous times on countless skirts and dresses. The same concept is used in this collection, however, the flower has taken on another form. It has transformed from a black and white color scheme to a glimmering purple and gold flower with distinctly shaped petals.

Pleated and sheer mid-calf skirts were paired with structured blazers and coats. Astute paintings from art exhibits within the asylum were shown on coats and jumpers.  Kane’s keen attention to detail and his love for arts and crafts can be seen in the looks below that were shot inside the Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic.

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