Alberta Ferretti

A clash of tradition and trend has led to a distinctive Pre-Fall presentation by Alberta Ferretti shown during Men’s Fashion Week in Milan. The first looks sent the down the runway featured crewneck sweaters that displayed each day of the week in bold block letters. The ultra-casual tops were layered over top of lavish see-through gowns. Joining in on the see-now-buy-now craze, these sweaters were readily available promptly after the show.

Seemingly interested in the young and hip era of fashion, Ferretti also styled the gowns wrapping knit cardigans around the waist of each model. As the music changed, the tone of the show also took an intriguing turn. The gowns went from chromatic shades of pink and gold to a strong black emphasis on velvet and lace ensembles. Nonetheless, all of the looks held true to its fantasy-like design and aesthetic.

Traditionally, Alberta Ferretti is best known for her ability to create romantic looks that are both sweet and gentle. The flat faux fur slip-ons paired with satin floor-length gowns added to the overall delicacy the models carried with each step.

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