Vivienne Westwood

Although Fashion Phile Report is generally known for covering womenswear, in this upcoming generation in which gender seems to cease to exist, it doesn’t seem justifiable for the Vivienne Westwood menswear show to go unnoticed. The electric show closed out London Fashion Week Men’s with a new call to action in a presentation rightfully named “Ecotricity.”

The seasoned designer’s voice at the tender age of 75 is stronger than ever as an environmental activist. In her own words,”what’s good for the planet is bad for the economy, what’s bad for the economy is good for the planet”. The do-it-yourself attitude and consciousness of being less wasteful is reflected in this autumn/winter presentation that combined the menswear and womenswear line in one grand show.  The energy of issues such as climate change is carried through in the clothing that has been skillfully distressed, torn and weathered.

Long sleeves and long collars were quite the feature of the show. Westwood adorned the runway with colorful patterns, skulls and face prints. Shocking pieces from lavish trousers and adventurous knit jumpers seemed nothing  less than appropriate in this time in fashion where more is more.

The models wore tribal makeup that was bold enough for any war. A range of colors, namely, crimson red was extended to many pieces in the collection. As the heat seemed to intensify each model paced quickly down the runway as if on a mission to truly change the world.

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