Albert Kriemler, creative director of the Swiss fashion house, has a story to tell this season. Akris’s pre-fall collection is inspired by the critically acclaimed documentary, Finding Vivian Maier (a must-see film on Netflix). The film highlights a mysterious character whose life story is uncovered through a box of over 100,000 negatives found after her death. Everywhere she went, she carried a Roliflex camera around her neck.

In a similar fashion, each model featured either a camera or a bag in each of these pre-fall looks. Kriemler approached the collection with the vision of what he believes Vivian may have been heartened to wear in her everyday walk through life. One statement piece encompassed a sleeveless dress that displayed one of Vivian’s own self-portraits taken in a shop window from neck down. While the black and white pieces reflected the negatives from the film, there were many hues of green and yellow that reflected the liveliness of her  life as a nanny.

Body conscious tailoring can be seen in each piece from the fit flare dresses to the simply cut black and lightweight denim pantsuits. Career focused women around the world will find this collection appropriate for work and play.

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