3.1 Phillip Lim

Pre-Fall 2017

Its been 12 years now since Phillip Lim has hit the scene turning everyday classics into big sartorial statements. We’ve watched him grow as designer and with  this pre-fall presentation it is all in the details shown on beautifully structured silhouettes. Just looking at the shoes that ranged from flat to kitten heel gives us insight on just how easy dressing is for a Lim girl.

The color palette was simple featuring mostly whites, nudes and navy but this spoke nothing to the immense detail in each piece. Take for instance the pearls that served not only as practical buttons for the vest and jackets but also as a fashionable detail on the shoes. The common white blouse found a new romance with a Victorian twist of ruffles along the high neckline. The trending corset made its appearance cinching the waistline of structured blazers paired with ankle skimming skirts and loose fit trousers.

Known for his ingenious contemporary and easy looks, Lim doesn’t drop the ball this season. I mean, does it get more easy than paper-bag waist track pants? Leave it to this collection to capture the true essence of looking effortlessly chic.

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